Quick and easy image recognition with 9 lines of code in Python

5 May 2024

This is how you can create a simple image recognition script in Python. You'll need the following packages to run the script:
Put them in your requirements.txt and install them with pip install -r requirements.txt. The script in its entirety can be seen here:
import cv2
import cvlib as cv
from cvlib.object_detection import draw_bbox
from PIL import Image

img = cv2.imread(DJI_0040.JPG)

bbox, label, conf = cv.detect_common_objects(img)
output_image = draw_bbox(img, bbox, label, conf)

im = Image.fromarray(output_image)
Simply change the filename to your file, and you are good to go. Below you can see an example of the input and output of the program.
Image without image recognition

Input image.

Image with image recognition

Output image with detected items marked.

The labels of all the identified objects are saved as a list to the variable label. In my example the label list includes 8 boats and 3 cars.
['boat', 'boat', 'boat', 'boat', 'boat', 'boat', 'boat', 'boat', 'car', 'car', 'car']
There you go. Image detection doesn't get more simple than that.

Happy coding!

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